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Image manipulation

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The ability to capture objects in the image opens new possibilities in image manipulation.

It is built on the same platform as the standard – image analysis – version of Pixcavator. The roundness and saliency sliders are removed. The output table is reduced to location and sizes only. The features that the standard version does not have are:

  • Automatic simplification – smaller or low contrast objects are removed throughout, in all three channels. This is truly Image Simplification as finer details disappear.
  • Manual simplification – a selected contour is filled with the color surrounding it. In other words, this is Spot cleaning (in the example below the mole was removed with a single click - nothing against it though).
  • Isolating objects – everything but the selected objects is painted white. In other words, this is Background removal.

For more examples, see the "For photographers" page [1] and our image gallery.

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